July 4, 2022


Air Tools Management: How to Improve the Air Line

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Low Torque Pneumatic Screwdrivers

July 4, 2022


A Guide to Pneumatic Screwdrivers

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Tips for Safe Use of Compressed Air

April 29, 2022


Air Compressor Safety: Equipment Use & Legal Requirements

As essential as compressed air systems are to our manufacturing and industrial landscape, they don’t come without their hazards....

February 21, 2022


Air Power East Celebrates Over 30 Years

Since 1991, Air Power East has been supplying air compressors to a wide variety of industries. Now, based in...

Tips on How to Minimise Air Compressor Costs

January 31, 2022


Do You Know the Life Cycle Cost of Your Compressor?

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air compressor in cold winter months

January 24, 2022


How Cold Temperatures Affect Your Air Compressor

The ideal operating temperature for an air compressor usually ranges between 4°C to 35°C. So, when it comes to...

November 24, 2021


All About Compressed Air Energy Recovery

As compressed air is one of the largest consumers of energy, any savings made along the production line can...

October 18, 2021


Everything You Wanted to Know About Spare Compressor Parts

Unfortunately, compressed air systems may encounter some issues along their life span and spare compressor parts may be required...

September 30, 2021


Things to Consider When Designing Your Compressor Room

Even though you may have purchased the perfect air compressor for you along with the accessories you need for...