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Air Power East have 25 years of experience providing compressed air solutions. As a result, air compressor servicing is at the heart of what we do. In general, we believe ‘prevention is better than the cure’, so recommend keeping regular care of your air compressor. 

The Air Power East team are fully trained to provide air compressor servicing for many air compressor makes and models. This allows our servicing team to keep your compressor operating efficiently for longer.

Air Compressor Repairs

Most companies rely heavily on compressed air systems for many purposes. As such, they must be looked after and carefully maintained.

Many factors can affect an air compressor’s performance, from varying temperatures to long periods of runtime, excessive dust or damp environments. Consequently, it is important to stay on top of its running efficiency.

Air compressor servicing won’t just keep your compressor operating reliably. We also aim to extend its working life and minimise the risk of a breakdown through air compressor repairs. Repairs help to prevent major mechanical failures and therefore high repair costs, so regular checks are even a great way of saving money in the long run.

air compressor servicing - air compressor repairs

Air Compressor Repair Service

All of our engineers are professionally trained specialists in Compressed Air Technology. As a result, our clients can fully trust that their air compressor is in safe hands. We believe a large amount of attention to detail should be paid during servicing and repairs, so ensure that belief is evident in our staff.

It is also worth noting that our dedicated 24 hour air compressor repair team are always available. Operating 24/7 ensures that skilled experts are only a phone call away.

We provide a range of compressed air servicing options. Therefore, we can repair a variety of problems. Whether you require one-off services or preventative maintenance agreements, replacing air filters and motor belts or changing the oil. When it comes to compressors themselves, we repair all types of screw compressor, rotary vane compressor, piston compressor, nitrogen generators and compressed air systems. Some of these include: Atlas Copco, Boge, HPC, Compair, Ingersoll Rand, Hydrovane,  Sullair, Avelair and many more.

If you would like help with making your air compressor system last longer, allow us to guarantee performance continuity. Please contact us today to discuss your specifications and requirements.