A Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Compressor is a revolutionary piece of equipment that was introduced by Atlas Copco. Why? Because there is such a strong emphasis on energy efficiency across all industries and this type of compressor can help meet energy requirements.

Here’s how they work, their benefits compared to other compressed air systems and ultimately, why you should choose a VSD Compressor.

A Profile on the VSD Air Compressor

How Does a VSD Work?

VSD compressors use innovative technology that automatically adjusts their motor speed to the compressed air demand in real time. This means, if you have fluctuating air demand, the compressed air system will adapt accordingly so you’re not using too much power.

So, when the air demand is low, the motor speed will run at a reduced speed as it requires less energy to operate and, when the air demand is higher, the motor speed with automatically increase to meet CFM demands.

What Are the Advantages of VSD Compressor?

VSD Compressors Are Reliable

Due to its smart technology, VSD compressors are extremely reliable. They are dependable in performance with maximum uptime and minimal service and maintenance needs. Once installed, you can have peace of mind that everything is running smoothly.

Longer Life Spans

Similar to its reliability, because of the unique way in which VSD compressors work, they put less stress on their mechanical and electrical components. This results in longevity, extending their life span and minimising downtime making it a great investment.

Maximum Energy Savings

Compared to a fixed-speed compressor, you can achieve up to 60% energy savings with a VSD compressor. Plus, with an optional energy recovery system, you can increase those savings to 80%. Due to the automatic adjustment of motor speed to compressed air demand, energy consumption is reduced.

Increased Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

Following on from the point above, with maximum energy savings and careful use of resources, your operation becomes more sustainable and energy efficient. With a minimal number of components and a motor that doesn’t rely on non-renewable materials, the GA VSDS is the most sustainable compressor available.

Smart Performance & Technology

Completely tailored to your needs, VSD compressors are smart and adaptable so you don’t have to think about your requirements when choosing a compressor – this equipment meets your specifications automatically. No matter your production type or size, every user gets performance and efficiency optimised to them. Plus, there are a number of intelligent features included in the design such as, Smart Temperature Control (STC).

Quieter Than Other Air Compressors

With sound levels as low as 63dB, VSD compressors are extremely quiet. This means, it doesn’t require a separate room for storing, it can be installed on the production floor. You won’t even know it’s there!

Smaller Than Other Air Compressors

As well as it being quiet and not overpowering with its noise, VSD compressors are also small and compact. Due to its vertical design, it takes up very little space and fits seamlessly into your space, so you don’t have to worry about bulky equipment.

Is a VSD Compressor Right for Me?

If you have fluctuating compressed air demands, then a VSD compressor is perfect for you. This includes demands fluctuating between jobs, varying by shift, on weekends or seasonally, and where manufacturing processes require tight tolerances for operating pressure.

However, even with all these advantages, they are not suitable for every industrial user. If you’re wondering whether you should choose a VSD compressor, get in touch with us today and one of our team members will be happy to advise you.

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