Just like any other equipment you may work with in any kind of industry, it’s always important to get them serviced; this includes air compressors. Without regular maintenance and servicing, an air compressor’s performance can be compromised which can have a domino effect on your operations, from production slowing to costly repairs.

The answer to “do air compressors need to be serviced?” is yes. But let’s look into this even further to cover all aspects of air compressor servicing and what you need to remember.

How Often Should an Air Compressor Be Serviced?

The best way to find this out is by referring to the maintenance guidelines set out by your system’s manufacturer. However, air compressors should typically be serviced at least once a year or every 2,000 hours of activity.

Air compressor servicing is an essential part of its maintenance and these timelines are not set in stone. Other factors you need to be aware of when it comes to determining how often your system should be serviced are how often it is used and if you’ve noticed a sudden change in performance levels.

The more an air compressor is used, the more frequent it will need a service. If you believe there is something wrong with your equipment or its performance level has dropped, it’s a smart move to get it booked in before anything needs to be repaired or replaced.

How Do I Know If My Air Compressor Needs a Service?

After considering the above, also make sure to check your system’s manual for any errors or issues that may have popped up which may have been overlooked. It’s better to catch this as early as possible and become familiar with these inbuilt warning signs.

Is there excessive moisture or loud noises coming from your air compressor? Then, these may be signs that you need to book it in for a service. Excess condensation could mean a fault in the automatic drain system and more noise than usual, including rattling, could signify a broken component or fault in the motor.

Does your air compressor continue to trip breakers or blow fuses – or doesn’t even turn on? Immediately check the electrical circuit powering the compressor, but if it is not clear what the issue is, it’s time to call in the air compressor servicing team from Air Power East.

High loss of pressure or low overall pressure is another tell-tale sign that there may be problems with your compressed air system. This could indicate reporting issues, wear and tear on internal or external parts, or maybe even a technical issue. It’s always recommended to call in the experts as you do not want to continue increasing your energy usage and costs.

How Do You Service an Air Compressor?

What’s included in an air compressor service is dependent on what type of service is being carried out (major or minor), the type of air compressor, the make and model, and the current run hours of the compressor. However, here are the general checks completed during an air compressor service:

  1. Check the machine is running correctly and identifying any major issues.
  2. Check for any additional faults or issues including oil and air leaks.
  3. Check the electronic controller for faults in its history.
  4. Check the machine and external panels for any mechanical damage.
  5. Check and change the oil and air filters.
  6. Check the oil levels and change the oil; take oil sample for analysis if necessary.
  7. Check and clean the air and oil separator; replace if necessary.
  8. Check and change drive belts.
  9. Check operation of the valves and clean; refurbish or replace if necessary.
  10. Check operation of the condensate drain and condensate system operation and clean; replace cleaning elements if necessary.
  11. Clean the internal air compressor radiators.
  12. Check and clean downstream filter elements; replace if necessary.
  13. Check and clean the refrigerated dryer.

Why Do Air Compressors Need to Be Serviced?

Ultimately, air compressors need to be serviced in order to continue working efficiently and in the best condition. Following a recommended servicing schedule will help maintain a long life span, deliver optimum performance, minimise wear and tear, conserve energy usage and keep your running costs as low as can be.

At Air Power East, not only do we offer one-off or yearly services, but we also provide full monthly preventative maintenance plans to make sure your air compressor is always running efficiently. If you’d like to talk to us today about how we can help you, please get in touch with us here.

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