Breathing Air Testing

It is essential for businesses that utilise air compressors for breathing to regularly test the air for contamination.

If untreated, this could become a serious health risk and will not comply with the required standards to prevent damage to human health and corporate reputation.

At least every three months, or whenever the compressor is moved, the quality of the compressed breathing air supply should be tested. A detailed air quality test will identify the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water content and lubricants in the air, assessing them against the standards defined by the Health and Safety Executive (EH40) and BS EN 12021.

The air quality test needs to not only measure the levels of contaminants within the air but also consider the service and maintenance of the air compressor. Altogether, these factors will highlight if the air quality is fit for purpose and if any defects need to be immediately addressed before the system can be used again.

Compressed Air Quality Testing

Our Air Purity tests

At Air Power East, we offer a complete process for assessment and evaluation of your compressed air breathing equipment. We can perform regular checks so you can stay on top of the safety compliances and provide a copy of the tests for your records every time. Our records are always accurate and always conform with the prescribed quality standards.

We are able to provide solutions for any problems with the air quality being achieved and will integrate these into a completely cost-effective strategy. Client loyalty and satisfaction is one of our main priorities here, so we will always look for the best way for you to achieve the highest quality air at the best value for money.

If you would like to arrange air quality testing for your air compressorcontact us today.