air leak detectors

The main purpose of an air leak detection test is to build a profile of the energy wasted through air leakage within your compressed air system.

By finding, logging, quantifying and costing air leaks you can prioritise the remedial work required to reduce your energy costs.

The best, and most widely used approach is to use ultrasonic leak detection equipment. It operates without interrupting plant operation, reaches system areas that are hard to access, and locates all air leaks.

What can i expect?

We will arrange for an engineer to visit your site with our state-of-the art acoustic leak detection camera. Even though the air leakage detection must be done on a live system there will be no interruption to your production. Every leak found will be tagged and logged by our engineer. Afterwards you will receive an itemised, written report which shows the results in a clearly understood and actionable format. 

Once you have had time to read and digest the findings in the report, we will send a quotation to repair the air leaks. We can also, if required, develop a monitoring and control programme to suit your individual needs. Our aim is to offer a solution that will reduce the cost of generating compressed air and therefore lead to a direct increase in your company’s profits.

the cost of air leaks

All compressed air systems have leaks. These have several causes, including corrosion holes, poor pipe connections and bad seals. According to the British Compressed Air Society, the average leakage rate is 25% but some plants lose as much as 80% of their compressed air due to leaks. Just imagine filling up your car and then watching a quarter of your fuel drip on to the road through a leaky fuel line as soon as you start driving!

Generating compressed air only to lose it to leaks is of course a waste of money. The Carbon Trust estimates that a hole of just 3mm in diameter in a compressed air pipe can create a leak that costs up to £1,000 per year in wasted electricity costs.The benefit of fixing leaks will be a lower energy cost and it may also reduce the running hours of your compressors, which may in turn also reduce maintenance costs. It is unfortunately almost impossible to guarantee that all leaks can be repaired, and it is inevitable that over time, new leaks will occur.

Best practice advice is that the percentage of compressed air lost to leakage should be less than 10% of your total compressed air production. We therefore recommend that your system is checked for leaks at least once a year. This proactive approach should enable you to keep a tighter control of the system and potential energy wastage.

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