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Better quality compressed air is in high demand nowadays, so a number of people are investing in oil-free air compressors. The term ‘oil-free’ refers to the compression chamber which keeps the air clean, therefore providing cost savings. If you’re looking to change to oil-free compressors, here is some more information.

Unlike the name lends itself, there is actually oil in the gearbox but this does not affect the compressor; it is used solely to lubricate the internal gears and bearings inside the gearbox and the compressor element. It goes through an oil cooler before it is used as lubrication, and the debris is removed using a filter so it is clean.

How Oil-Free Air Compressors Work:

1. Drawing in the Air

It begins with the valve opening and bringing outside air in and filtering it through to the compressor. The filter makes the air clean, limiting damage to the machine and when the valve closes, the compressor starts to run.

2. The First Compressor Element

The air then follows through to the low-pressure compressor element where the oil-free components will compress the air and cool it down.

3. The Intercooler

Further cooling and compression occurs through an intercooler; the air becomes denser and more oxygen-rich through this process.

4. The Aftercooler and Storage

Once compressed again, cooling occurs once more and then the air will be stored ready for use. The valve that the air is passed through prevents any backflow so the tank can fill up and be sent to the equipment for use.

5. Pressure Switches

Pressure switches are used to monitor the levels of the compressor, so when the levels of air fall below a specific measure, the compressor will turn on to restore the air in the tank.

Oil-free compressors generate a lot more heat than oil-lubricated models, so there are two main cooling systems that are used: water and air. It is important that these are well-maintained in order to extend your oil-free compressor’s life. Contact us today about our oil-free compressors or if you have any questions regarding their systems.

All About Oil-Free Compressed Air