Air compressors are widely used across a number of different industries through a variety of applications, especially in the food and drink industry.

First, we will take a look at the numerous ways compressed air is utilised within this essential industry. Then, we will explore the benefits and reasons why compressed air is used.

Air Compressor Applications

Compressed Air Uses in the Food Industry

The food industry uses compressed air both in the food preparation and packaging processes. Some of the food preparation that requires compressed air includes:

  • Cutting and peeling products
  • Sorting and moving products
  • Mixing and filling products
  • Cooling and freezing products

Some of the food packaging processes that require compressed air include:

  • Creating clean and consistent packaging
  • Maintaining and cleaning packaging
  • Nitrogen generation and filling packaging

Compressed Air Uses in the Drink Industry

The drink industry uses compressed air in similar ways to the food sector in their packaging processes, but also in the actual production of the drinks too. Some of the drink production that requires compressed air includes:

  • Fermentation processes
  • Aeration
  • Water sterilisation
  • Quick thawing processes

Some of the drink packaging processes that require compressed air include:

  • Moving product
  • Creating packaging
  • Cleaning and filling packaging
  • Sealing bottles
  • Bottling beer

Why Are Air Compressors Used in the Food & Drink Industry?

So, now we know how air compressors are used within this vast industry, we want to explore some of the benefits of using compressed air.

Health and Safety Compliant

Air compressors that are designed to the food and drink industry are completely contaminant-free, so companies are always compliant with health and safety standards. For example, vacuum sealing can be performed using compressed air which makes sure that products are safe from outside contaminants.

Productivity and Versatility

Using air compressors means that operations can become automated. Therefore, high-volume and diverse production can become more efficient. With the ability to introduce Variable Speed Control (VSD), air compressors can be easily programmed and controlled to match production programming.

Cost Effective and Efficient

The option to use two-stage air compressors means that the required air generation needed for processes can be successfully reached whilst using less energy. This means that companies will be saving money on energy costs.

In addition to this, compressed air systems can also be tailored and customised to specialised food industry applications. These innovative solutions can also save companies money and streamline processes.

Food and Drink Industry Air Compressors

At Air Power East, we provide a wide range of air compressors plus additional services such as servicing and installation. If you have any questions and require more information, please contact us today and see how we can help you.

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