Air compressor maintenance is a very simple and easy way to ensure that your air compressor is always performing efficiently.

Here are the best practices to follow regularly.

Air Compressor Maintenance Practices

Check and Clean Air Filters

It is vital to check and clean your air intake filters on a regular basis, especially if you are operating in a dusty environment. If the filter is contaminated, it can adversely affect the performance of your air compressor and less compressed air will be delivered per kW. This is a simple procedure and instructions to do so will be found in your air compressor manual.

Check and Change Compressor Oil

Unless you have an oil-free compressor, you need to check the levels of your air compressor oil as well as the condition of your oil (whether there is any dirt or debris). Once drained, replace the oil without exceeding the halfway point of the sight glass.

Drain the Tank of Condensate

With constant moisture in the air, especially in humid environments, there will always be condensate in your tank – unless you have a no-loss drain installed. One of the best practices is to regularly drain your tank so you can ensure there is an efficient storage capacity.

Check and Clean Heat Exchangers

If the heat exchangers in your air compressor are dirty, they will not be able to sufficiently reduce the operating temperature and lead to overheating. By regularly checking your heat exchangers, you can ensure that the temperature is at the optimum level and will consistently uphold it.

Routine Maintenance and Servicing

Now you know the best practices for air compressor maintenance, you should follow these on a regular basis and create a routine schedule. You should also remember to take advantage of air compressor servicing as this will ensure these practices are always performed.

Air Compressor Maintenance from Air Power East

At Air Power East, we provide quality air compressor maintenance and servicing so contact us today to book yours in!

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