Vibrations, air intake and the exhaust are all sources of noise from your air compressor, and can sometimes be very overpowering.

Here are some tips to help you reduce, or even eliminate, the amount of noise produced by your air compressor.

How to Reduce Noise from Air Compressors


It seems simple, but if you distance your air compressor from your workspace, you can reduce noise levels by as much as a quarter. Whether it’s placing it across the other side of the room or in a different room with extension hoses, make sure it is still easily accessible.

Separate Room

You could create a separate room for your air compressor, building the walls with special soundproofing and acoustic absorbing materials. For example, a concrete wall surface or a fiberglass fill is a great way to reduce your noise levels.

Handmade Enclosure

If you have a smaller air compressor, you can create a soundproof enclosure that, if made extremely well, can reduce the noise level to almost zero. You can make a box out of fibreboard and foam board, just remember to cut out space for the power source and the air intake.

Sound Blankets

Sound blankets are a good choice to reduce noise from your air compressor; whether it’s placed on top of the compressor or hung around the area, you will notice a significant difference. Don’t obstruct any vital airways as this will cause damage to your equipment.

Ear Plugs

One of the easiest options is to invest in a pair of ear plugs, not only reducing the noise but also protecting your ear drums from any noise damage. Easily available and not too expensive, they are a quick and simple solution to a loud workspace.

Air Compressor Servicing & Maintenance from Air Power East

Make sure you undertake regular servicing and maintenance so you can keep your air compressor running efficiently and quietly. If your air compressor continues to make a large amount of noise, there may be underlying problems that you need to get checked over.

Contact us today if you would like one of our experts to assess your equipment.

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