Compressed air accessories and tools are used for many reasons.

Whether it’s to improve the usability or efficiency of your compressed air system, or used in case of any issues or problems that arise. Some accessories are specifically suited for certain industries, but there are some essential tools that you should consider when utilising an air compressor.

Compressed Air Tool Guide


Most air compressors come with a hose as they are used to connect pneumatic tools, but it may be possible that it is not compatible with particular tools you may be using; it may not be the suitable material, volume capacity or length. Also, the hose may wear out over time and develop bends or kinks which can limit performance and efficiency. Always make sure the hose stored properly – they come in either a retractable or recoil design. Retractable hoses can be wound up and recoil hoses can be folded away.

Roll Cage

Roll cages are designed in order to protect compressed air systems and even though most do come pre-fitted, it is a good idea to purchase one if yours does not. It will prevent the air compressor from being shaken, knocked off balance, getting punctured, or being damaged in any other way during operations. Make sure you look for a flat, wide structure with a low centre of gravity and a heavy underlying skid plate in order for it to be strong and stable.

Air Regulator

Air regulators are used to reduce the amount of air pressure and tailor it to the pneumatic tool of choice. This means that there is a controlled but consistent level of air, so compressed air can be conserved and waste levels can be reduced. As well as this, your tools and hoses will not be subjected to excess amounts of pressure which can ultimately damage them.

Tool Attachments

Compressed air tools are extremely useful attachments for your air compressor no matter what application you are using it for. Whether it’s a nail gun or paint sprayer, a drill or sander, these air compressor tools and attachments can prove handy universally for any industry.

Fittings & Adaptors

If you decide to purchase pneumatic tools for your air compressor and application, you need to make sure you utilise the correct fittings and adaptor accessories, especially if you are trying to attach a new tool to a pre-existing hose. It is always a good idea to stock up on various air compressor fittings types so you can make sure that future tools can be compatible with your system.

Air Compressor Advice from Air Power East

No matter what application you utilise your air compressor for, you can use a variety of compressed air accessories and tools to streamline your productivity. If you need advice or information on what compressed air accessories or tools could be useful for your practices, contact us today.

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