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It’s not just about installing an energy efficient compressed air system, it’s about maintaining sufficient compressed air management as well. This equipment needs to be well-looked after in order to stay proficient.

Here’s how you can effectively manage and achieve efficient compressed air.

Compressed Air Management: What to Do

Optimum Ambient Temperatures

The air inlet temperature needs to not be too hot; a 5°C increase can cause a 2% reduction in the compressor’s performance. Make sure there is always enough ventilation to eliminate this efficiency loss.

Lower Pressure Bands

If your operations have the ability to run at a lower pressure, it is recommended to implement this to become more energy efficient. Check each machine and, if they can run at a lower pressure, reduce the pressure in your air net by 1 bar (14.5 psi) to save 7% in electrical energy costs.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Modern technology has allowed air compressor maintenance to become even more efficient. Real-time reporting has enabled users to monitor the performance of the compressed air system and send predictive notifications, including energy consumption and performance improvement indicators. This means users can ensure maximum uptime and energy efficiency.

Correct Maintenance

Air compressor maintenance should be an essential part of compressed air management as these practices make sure that the system is running as efficiently as possible. Irregular maintenance will have a negative effect on the compressor’s performance, and therefore on its efficiency. Looking after the oil, choosing the correct grade and changing it when necessary, will keeping the working parts of the equipment running smoothly. Regularly replacing filters will also keep the system running as efficiently as it did when new.

Compressed Air Management & Servicing from Air Power East

Efficient compressed air management will ultimately result in your air compressor running efficiently. My monitoring and managing all these factors above, you can ensure that your equipment will be running sustainably and performing at its best.

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How to Achieve Efficient Compressed Air Management

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