Agriculture and farming have been a way of life ever since we’ve known it and air compressor use is a vital part of their processes. It still plays a significant role in our lives today and has developed over time to keep up with both demands and technology.

Manual labour has been replaced with advanced machinery to make sure production is as efficient as possible.

Agriculture & Farming Air Compressor Applications

When you think about agriculture and farming, you probably picture tractors and combine harvesters. But there are so many other applications that require air compressors and have done for decades. Some of the most common applications that rely on compressed air systems are:

Water and Air Pumps

Water pumps are needed to keep the crops fed and the livestock hydrated, and air compressors enable this resource to be delivered to specified areas. Compressed air is also used for inflating tyres which are required to keep essential vehicles on the site and operating efficiently.

Crop Sprayers

In addition to water pumps, crop sprayers are also needed to keep the harvests protected from bugs and pests. Compressed air is used to spray pesticides across the fields quickly and proficiently, so all crops are safe from damage.

Dairy Machines

Dairy machines are essential for dairy farms to produce the items the majority of us consume on a daily basis. Air compressors are used for milking robots which make it a lot easier to keep up with the continuous and demanding requirements.

Product Conveyors & Material Handling Machines

Because some air compressors have the ability to be used intermittently or continuously, this machinery primarily utilises them. This equipment is common in the food industry and it relies on compressed air to function properly.

Winterization of Irrigation Lines

Compressed air is used to clear irrigation lines of excess water, specifically to prepare for winter so it doesn’t freeze and impede them. This protects the infrastructure from damage and will add significant longevity.

Hand Tools

In addition to the heavy machinery used in agriculture and farming, hand tools are also vital to the smooth running of operations. Nail guns, spray paint guns, cleaning systems, other pneumatic tools are all powered by compressed air and can help with general site maintenance.

Greenhouse Ventilation

Some crops are grown in industrial greenhouse set-ups and these require clean air and proper ventilation. In order for crops to grow to full potential and to minimise waste, energy efficient air compressors are ideal to keep harvest fresh and healthy.

Agriculture and Farming Industry Air Compressors

Air compressors have been utilised for decades now and the future looks no different. They are reliable and efficient and vital pieces of machinery that the industry can truly benefit from – and probably couldn’t do without now.

At Air Power East, we provide a wide range of air compressors plus additional services such as servicing and installation. If you have any questions and require more information, please contact us today and see how we can help you.

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