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As a major necessity in many industrial applications and businesses, it is important for an air compressor to not cost more money in the long run than the original purchase. Here, we are going to look at a couple of ways that will minimise your compressed air costs:

The Right Air Compressor

There are many different compressed air systems available and it is vital you choose the right one for your application so you don’t produce more energy than you need to. Each kind of air compressor has different qualities which match different demands, for example:

  • Oil-free air compressors are ideally suited for sensitive applications such as: pharmaceutical, food and drink processing
  • Piston air compressors are ideally suited for the retail industry due to small size and portability
  • VSD (Variable Speed Drive) air compressors are ideally suited for trim applications due to flexibility
  • Centrifugal air compressors are ideally suited for larger production industries due to large size and high flow

The Right Dryer and Filter

There are also many different dryers and filters available for your compressed air system, and it is also vital that you choose the right ones for your application. If you pair the incorrect dryer with your air compressor, you run the risk of wasting both energy and money. You should not dry your compressed air more than your application requires, so one suggestion is that you consider a refrigerant-type dryer and then only dry further if required. Do not use more filters than necessary; by changing your filters regularly and assessing the quality of them, you can avoid your pressure dropping and therefore losing money.

Check Your Drains

Air compressors produce a large amount of water which needs to be removed otherwise a number of problems will occur. Manual drains are an option but, without checking these regularly, the water can build up and cause damage. Unless you are carrying out routine checks, you should think about investing in an automatic zero-loss drains so you can have a more energy efficient compressed air system which ultimately cuts costs.

Recycle Heat

Air compressors generate heat whenever they are in use, so it is a cost-cutting move to recycle this heat instead of letting it go to waste. One option is to redirect this heat into a different room or space and use it to heat them up instead of radiators. Use your compressed air system to save you money on other heating appliances and applications.

Finally, regular maintenance is one of the fundamental ways you can save money on your compressed air system; by consistently assessing your air compressor elements, you can reduce the risk of any issues and ultimately repairs. You can also help it run more efficiently which will save you money in the long term. Contact us today for more information or advice.

Tips on How to Minimise Air Compressor Costs