Listen up and learn the real truth about compressed air systems.

Ignore the common compressor myths that are only based on misunderstandings and invest in the facts that we are going to present to you today.

Compressed Air System Myths

Myth: Compressed air is generally impure.

Fact: Compressed air is generally very clean. With routine maintenance of the air system and the area it stands in, it will stay clean for the foreseeable future. Compressed air only becomes dirty when ambient air, system tubes or air storage tanks become contaminated due to poor preservation.

Myth: The pressure range is the most important factor when choosing a compressor.

Fact: The pressure range of a compressor works in tandem with the flow; the pressure supplies the force and the flow provides the performance. So, therefore, by increasing the pressure range there won’t be any effect on the pressure per square inch unless the flow is increased as well.

Myth: Synthetic air compressor fluids are all identical.

Fact: Apart from not being made of hydrocarbon base stock, synthetic air compressor fluids are all completely different. Each type of fluid has a different number of formulas and can have a noticeably different effect on specific air compressors; always check to see what fluid is right for your compressed air system.

Myth: Compressed air systems can be used to clean dust and dirt.

Fact: Air compressors should never be used as an alternative to vacuums as this is dangerous and they perform the complete opposite function – instead of sucking up air, they send it outward. Utilising these systems in this incorrect way would redistribute dirt particles at a powerful force and in the wrong direction, which could result in damaged windows and walls, and could even injure people.

Myth: Compressed air is more expensive than electrical power.

Fact: This is only true if compressed air is wasted, so if compressed air systems are used efficiently then it will be cheaper than electrical power. As long as they are installed correctly and maintained properly, their pressure settings are adjusted suitably, and they are turned off at the end of the day, air compressors will be significantly more efficient than pneumatic tools that run on electricity or batteries.

If there are any other myths that you are unsure about or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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