Consider the possibilities if your air compressor could operate more effectively and all of your pneumatic tools had a longer lifespan. How much would you save on maintenance, replacement, and energy expenses if that were the case? An air dryer is a vital part of compressed air systems because air compression always produces moisture and condensation. Here are a few reasons why you should install a compressed air dryer to improve product quality.

How Does a Compressed Air Dryer Work?

Each air dryer uses a unique process to remove the water vapour from the air. The temperature at which water vapour transforms into liquid is known as the pressure dewpoint. The term “dewpoint” represents a measure of how dry the air is just after processing. The amount of water vapour in the air decreases as the dew point temperature rises. The type and power of the dryer you require will depend on the pressure dewpoint which is an important parameter for the functionality of your air compressor. A low value here would suggest that your air has less moisture. This value is crucial because there is a limit to how much moisture a compressor can tolerate before it affects the equipment. Your choice of dryer will depend on what your air compressor needs. You may need to make a higher investment to get the right dryer equipment if your air compressor operates better at a lower dewpoint.

How Compressed Air Dryers Improve Product Quality

Inhibits Microbial Growth

In the food and beverage industry, compressed air is utilised for product mixing and conveyance. Water from a compressed air system could have germs that contaminate and degrade food. Pharmaceutical production facilities need air that meets stricter standards since even minute levels of contaminants have the ability to damage a whole batch of goods. Hence, a compressed air dryer will come in handy to inhibit microbial growth.

Removes Water Contamination

In high purity compressed air-using sectors, including laser cutting and welding, microelectronics manufacturing, plasma generation, the production of food and pharmaceutical goods, shot blasting, coating, and painting, water contamination is a significant issue. Compressed air dryers can help remove contaminated water and other pollutants since using water-contaminated air reduces cooling efficiency, which causes overheating and energy loss.

Abates Corrosion

Compressed air dryers abate corrosion because steel surfaces can corrode if there is water inside the machine. Internals of mixing equipment such as pipes, drums, tanks, and containers can collect water from the condensing of saturated air. This could encourage corrosion on equipment’s inner surfaces, contaminating the product or process stream.

Prevents Water Buildup

The water content of compressed air is typically 100%. The distributed water vapour may precipitate as a result of a reduction in its temperature or more compression and pressurization. When compressed air in this condition is transferred to equipment downstream, there is a chance that water will accumulate in tiny crevices or depressions inside the equipment. The operation of delicate equipment, such as measuring and monitoring devices, can be impacted by water accumulation. A compressed air dryer prevents this water buildup.

Increases Effectiveness of Pneumatic Equipment

Compressed air is used to power turbines or air motors in air-powered tools and machinery; pneumatic grinders, jackhammers, and drills are some examples of these. These devices’ internals may become fouled with water which reduces the power the air compressor can deliver, hence the need for a compressed air dryer.

Prevents Freezing

Precipitated water can freeze in compressed air systems. The moving components of pneumatic actuators for valves and measuring devices might be jammed by them. An air dryer prevents freezing when the flow of process or product fluid is obstructed by collected water on production lines.

Importance of a Compressed Air Dryer

Whatever your requirements, it’s always a great idea to safeguard your compressor with an air dryer. It will assist you in avoiding the degeneration of parts and the recurring expense of maintenance, from contamination and corrosion to control failures. It is important to regularly do quality testing on your air compressor for efficiency. You can also arrange for air quality testing. Need help choosing a compressed air dryer for your system? Get in touch with the experts at Air Power East, who will help and guide you today.

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