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Air Compressor Installers

As well as supplying compressed air systems, Air Power East also offers installation services. We offer a professional and bespoke service in order to tailor our skills to each individual client and your specific needs and requirements.

Our expertly skilled team is able to apply their knowledge to select the ideal equipment for your business, ensuring that the sizing and application is correct; this will guarantee efficiency and help remove any pressure drop problems.

Our knowledge stretches to modifications and the design and build of compressed air distribution systems, too. Whether you need any alterations or extensions to your current pipework systems or a complete redesign of your compressed air distribution system, we can help you achieve the results you require.

Every one of our trained engineers install our systems to the British Compressed Air Society Standards and are qualified to advise on all industrial compressed air distribution systems. Our team has many years of experience so are able to install not only a wide variety of materials but also apply their knowledge to many different industries. We have dealt with a number of clients and their specifications, so can advise every client on the best approach for them.

Local Air Compressor Installation Company

Strong client relationships are important to us at Air Power East and we always aim to maintain these for as long as possible. We understand that your compressed air system will need to adapt to future changes in supply and demand, so we will be available to offer ongoing advice and services. We aim to overcome any challenge for our clients, and to maintain a quality air compressor distribution system for as long as possible.

So, if you need a new compressed air system installing or you need further assistance on a previous project, don’t hesitate to contact us today.