As essential as compressed air systems are to our manufacturing and industrial landscape, they don’t come without their hazards.

This is why safety is so vital for air compressor users and why it shouldn’t be overlooked from both an individual and legal perspective.According to some statistics, each year in Great Britain there are on average 150 dangerous occurrences of which about six result in fatal or serious injury.

Importance of Operator Safety Training

After the efficient installation of an air compressor, appropriate safety training should be given to all users as well as other staff members. This will ensure that every employee will be aware of compressed air safety and competent towards health and safety issues.In addition to this, compressed air system providers should always be on-hand for any advice and guidance regarding safety measures. At Air Power East, we provide pre-purchase and installation support in addition to post-purchase and installation, so you can rely on us for expert and professional assistance.

Ensuring Optimum Operational Condition

With regularly planned maintenance and monitoring schedule, air compressor users can ensure their equipment in in the optimum operational condition. Amongst correct, efficient and professional installation, maintaining the equipment is incredibly important for safety.There are a number of factors that can risk health and safety, such as air leaks, poorly sized and installed pipework, excessive bends, etc. System energy audits and servicing can help identify these before they become a major risk and safeguard against future hazards.

Legal Safety Requirements for Air Compressors

The operation of a compressed air system is subject to legal requirements of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations S.I. 2000 No 168 (PSSR). These requirements are in place to prevent serious injury from the hazard of stored energy as a result of the failure of a pressure system or one of its component parts.If any of these regulations are breached, it falls under the authority of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. It is the user’s and owner’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the PSSR, unless the supplier of an installed compressed air system assumes responsibility in writing.

Air Compressor Servicing & Maintenance

Air compressor safety is vital in every industry and workplace. Not only will it keep individuals safe and healthy, but it will also positively impact productivity and profitability.Air Power East supplies a full range of products to suit your system’s requirements, plus servicing and maintenance, so get in touch with us today.

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