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When it comes to energy efficient air compressor installation, it all starts with the assessments and judgements made beforehand. Of course, the implementation of a new, modern compressed air system is where the results really shine, but it’s the decisions made beforehand that make all the difference.

Pre-Air Compressor Installation Energy Efficient Considerations

Choose the Correct Size of Air Compressor

If you choose an air compressor that is too small, it can lead to production problems. If you choose an air compressor that is too big, it can lead to increased costs due to wasted energy. This is why you need to carefully consider your specific requirements for the system and base the size of the air compressor on that.

These specific requirements include how often you will use the equipment on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis, how much air flow will be used and if there will be fluctuations, what standard of air quality is needed, any minimum pressure requirements, and any plans for future expansion. These answers will define the size of air compressor you need.

Connect the Correct Type of Compressor Technology

Depending on your application, it’s important to consider whether you would benefit from an oil-free air compressor. Commonly used to guarantee product integrity and quality, oil-free compressor technology also eliminates expensive filter replacements, reduces the cost of oil condensate treatment, and avoids energy loss from pressure drop in filters.

Specifically for food and beverage applications, oil-free compressed air systems provide a reduction in the use of expensive food-grade lubricants. The cost and energy-saving benefits are definitely things you need to consider before choosing the compressor technology for you.

Do You Need a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Compressor?

Offload running of air compressors is a well-known way to waste energy and therefore increase costs. If you do not require a constant level of demand from a fixed speed compressor, it is more efficient to invest in a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressor.

As it only produces compressed air as and when it is required, it minimises offload running. As well as this, it has an increased number of starts and stops per hour, therefore ramping up and down in a controlled fashion to avoid overheating and wasted energy.

Energy Efficient Air Compressor Installation from Air Power East

One more way you can ensure your compressor installation is as energy efficient as possible is by conducting a comprehensive air audit beforehand.

The bottom line is that by updating your compressed air installation to the latest technology can reduce energy consumption significantly and by taking these things into consideration, you can ensure your entire production line is sustainable.

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Ways to Make Your Compressor Installation Energy Efficient

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