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When it comes to choosing air compressor oil, not only do you have to consider the right one for your air compressor, but you have to think about your application too. The oil plays an important part in the performance of your equipment and there are certain factors, also known as ambient conditions, that need to be considered.

Ambient Operating Conditions to Consider for Oil Choice

By assessing your operating environment to identify these conditions, you will be able to categorise your application and select the right oil for you.


The element outlet temperature or the ambient temperature is the first condition to pinpoint. Element outlet temperature should be used as the primary parameter for oil selection, but if unavailable, ambient temperature will be suitable. As the most important parameter, temperature should be the priority.

Air Quality

Air quality refers to elements affecting the quality of the ambient air surrounding the compressed air system. Commonly this will be dust contamination and the levels of dust that are created from your specific application environment. This varies from application to application and environment to environment, so needs to be assessed and not assumed.


Depending on the location of your site and the weather it experiences, this could have an impact on the humidity levels in the ambient air. High humidity levels within intake air means that there will be a higher amount of water vapour.

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Air Compressor Oil?

Generic oil lubricants have been designed for a broad range of equipment with simple demands compared to major compressor applications. Therefore, they will lack the properties needed for optimum performance.

This is why leading manufacturers develop unique air compressor oil that are tailored to different levels of demand and operating conditions. Contact Air Power East today to discuss your compressor oil needs and make sure you choose the right one for your application.

How to Select the Right Oil for Your Compressor Application

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