Even though you may have purchased the perfect air compressor for you along with the accessories you need for your application, the layout of your compressor room is also important.

It can affect the performance and life span of your equipment, so it’s important to consider these things before installation.

How to Lay Out Your Compressor Room

Close to the Point of Use

One of the main things to think about when installing your air compressor is where it will be mainly used. By situating it close to the point of use, you will reduce pressure drops, save energy, encourage user-friendliness, and avoid unauthorised access.

More Than Enough Space

It is vital that there is enough floor space and clearance height around the air compressor. This is so there is enough room to perform essential maintenance, for extra accessories, and in case there is a need for future expansion. As well as this, the space is needed for proper ventilation and to handle other equipment such as aftercoolers, dryers, and air receivers.

Ventilation is Essential

As mentioned above, proper ventilation is a necessity for your air compressor and should be considered when installing your system. There should plenty of space around the equipment to allow for proper ventilation, the inlet of ventilation air should be situated on a shaded wall, and thermostatically controlled fans can also be installed.

Something else you should consider when it comes to ventilation is heat recovery. As an option that many companies use in order to use the energy from this for another operation, why not do some research to see if it would be beneficial for you and how you could incorporate it into your compressor room.

Away From Contaminants

In order to ensure clean intake air, it is important to position your air compressor in a place where the air is as clean as possible. Vehicle exhaust fumes and particles of dust and dirt should all be avoided, plus it is recommended that the inlet should be positioned in the shade so the air is cool. If contaminants are unavoidable, consider installing an air filter.

Health & Safety Compliant

Finally, it is vital that the position of your air compressor in your compressor room is healthy and safety compliant. Things to think about include noise disturbance, ventilation requirements, drainage provision, exposure to contaminants and other hazardous substances.

By competently planning out your compressor room design, you will optimise the performance and reliability of your equipment. Also, by having Air Power East on your side, you will have peace of mind that your air compressor is always in safe hands.

Remember, we offer air compressor servicing, maintenance and installation. Contact us directly to find out what we can do for you.

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