Air compressors are relied upon for essential daily tasks in many different businesses and industries. With such pressure on them to perform, what happens if something goes wrong? Unfortunately, even the best equipment sometimes encounters problems, but a backup air compressor can be your saviour.

Here’s why:

Why You Need a Backup Air Compressor

1. Maximise Your Production & ROI

Although an instant expense upfront, a backup air compressor will earn its money back in many different ways. One of which is by maintaining production if issues arise with your main compressed air system.

If something does happen where your compressor can no longer operate, you can immediately switch power sources, so you don’t lose out on any production. This ultimately increases both your production capabilities and your ROI.

2. Minimise Downtime During Repairs or Maintenance.

If something happens to your primary air compressor, you won’t lose any valuable time whilst it inoperative. Losing time coincides with losing money and this unexpected downtime could also affect any items that are perishable, thus losing even more money.

Whilst waiting for your main system to be repaired, a backup air compressor can be put to work straight away to ensure you don’t experience any downtime. Similarly, if your primary system requires regular maintenance, instead of waiting for production to halt to perform it, you can rely on your backup. This way, essential maintenance can be performed at any time!

3. Easily Adjust to Different Requirements

Got another job on top of your usual production? Got a job that requires a quick turnaround? Your backup air compressor can help! By using both your main air compressor and your backup, you will be able to speed up production and meet your deadlines.

Your backup compressor can also be used for load sharing. This means that each compressor’s cycle can run for the same amount of time in order for each machine to spread the work more efficiently. As well as this, maintenance schedules will be more efficient too if the workload is shared evenly amongst your machines.

Portable Air Compressors from Air Power East

As you can see, backup air compressors are the solution to your production schedule never being disrupted. Portable air compressors are a great option for your backup compressor and by purchasing or hiring one from Air Power East, you can have peace of mind that your production will survive any unexpected issues.

Contact us today to discuss your options with one of our experts.

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