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In addition to air compressors being used in the food and drink sector, nitrogen generation is also utilised in the brewery industry.

Nitrogen has many uses during the brewing process such as:

  • Moving beer from one tank to the other
  • Shifting oxygen and carbon dioxide in the tanks
  • Pressurising kegs
  • Cleaning the tanks between uses to ensure there is no risk of oxidisation or pollution for the next batch

Why is Nitrogen Generation Used in the Brewery Industry?

As you can see, nitrogen generation is used for a number of applications within this sector. But why? Why should you invest in your own nitrogen generator for your brewery operation?

You Need an On-Site Nitrogen Generator Because:

It Significantly Lowers Costs

By comparing on-site nitrogen generation to sourcing it from external providers, the cost-efficient benefits are clear. This also includes the comparison to purchasing bottles of CO2 for the brewing process, as they can be extremely expensive. Producing your own nitrogen, you will only be paying for what you use, and the generator will soon enough pay for itself.

It Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

By only producing enough nitrogen that you need to use, this will save a lot in energy costs and in your carbon footprint. When producing nitrogen on-site, you are removing the middleman of transportation which releases harmful carbon emissions into the environment.

It Is Safer Than CO2

In addition to being a cheaper alternative to CO2, nitrogen generators are also a safer option too. Nitrogen doesn’t need to be contained in high pressure cylinders which immediately reduces the risk of injury. There is also less risk of over carbonation with nitrogen which is important for the brewery industry.

Nitrogen Generation from Air Power East

If you are interested in on-site nitrogen generation but don’t know where to start, Air Power East have a wide range of generators to choose from and a helpful team of specialists to give advice. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

Nitrogen Generation and the Brewery Industry

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