In the electronics industry, nitrogen generation plays a bigger part than you may initially think. During processes where there is no room for error, only for accuracy, electronics manufacturers need a system which they can rely on.

Here are some of the reasons why Nitrogen is chosen for the electronics industry.

Benefits of Nitrogen Generation in Electronics Manufacture

Atmospheric Consistency

Electronics manufacturing requires specific environmental conditions constantly throughout operation. Nitrogen gas is clean, dry and inert which means it can create a consistent atmosphere throughout the day and reduce any risk of oxidation and excess moisture.

Lower Risk of Oxidation

As mentioned above, nitrogen gas reduces the risk of oxidation. Oxidation is a problem when electronic device components are being soldered but by using nitrogen, this allows proper wetting between the solder and the device. This ultimately strengthens the solder and results in a higher quality end-product.

Less Surface Tension

Another reason why nitrogen gas is beneficial to the soldering process used in the electronics industry is its ability to reduce surface tension. This results in a clean break from the soldering site, improving the efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing operation.

Dross Reduction

Dross refers to a waste product that forms on the surface of molten solder when soldering electronic components. This needs to be cleaned regularly, therefore is the time-consuming downside from choosing a risk-free lead-free solder. Using nitrogen gas actually reduces the amount of dross produced during soldering by up to 50% therefore saving time and strengthening the solder.

Higher Quality Products & Greater Savings

Considering all of these benefits, by investing in nitrogen generation for electronics manufacture, businesses can save time whilst producing high-quality products. Although a higher initial price, their return on investment pays for the system.

Nitrogen Generation for the Electronics Industry

As you can see, there really is no question about purchasing a nitrogen generator for electronics manufacture.

At Air Power East, we provide a wide range of nitrogen generators plus additional services such as servicing and installation. If you have any questions and require more information, please contact us today and see how we can help you.

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