It is common knowledge that compressed air are used in a lot of industries across the land, but did you know that they are also used at sea in the marine industry?

There are a number of different marine applications that rely on air compressors and nitrogen for efficient operation.

Marine Applications of Compressed Air and Nitrogen

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is essential for the marine industry and compressed air is essential for scuba diving. Scuba compressors consist of compressed breathing air and provide divers with a long-lasting supply of air via hose. This air is purified as compressors can filter out contaminants and neutralise other gases.

Water Supply

Air compressors are required for storing and distributing clean water onboard vessels. Compressed air systems pressurise the hydrophores which, in turn, help maintain a fresh water supply. Fresh water is essential to maintain life at sea and air compressors ensure this is distributed across the ship regularly.

Cleaning Ships & Pipework

Pneumatic tools are able to perform many cleaning operations on board ships, such as dust machinery, worn paint exteriors and sandblast surfaces. Nitrogen gas is also used to purge LNG tank engines and fuel pipework which, in turn, reduces the potential for combustion and dangerous explosive consequences.

Tank Blanketing

Nitrogen is also used as a blanket for their fuel tanks to reduce the risk of explosion. By using an air compressor to generate nitrogen on-site, this is a much safer way to provide this than bringing nitrogen tanks on board.

Offshore Rigging

Compressed air systems are much better alternatives than electrical counterparts used for drilling work at sea. In fluctuating weather conditions, compressed air power systems are able to manage intense loads and remain operational in sub-zero temperatures of up to -20°C.

Compressed Air & Nitrogen Generation in the Marine Industry

This is just a selection of the applications of compressed air and nitrogen within the marine industry, there are so many more uses due to the efficient benefits they can bring.

At Air Power East, we provide a wide range of air compressors and nitrogen generators plus additional services such as servicing and installation. If you have any questions and require more information, please contact us today and see how we can help you.

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