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Running a compressed air system during winter in nearly sub-zero temperatures can lead to issues such as freezing condensate, a surge in power consumption, and damaging air tools. Here are some tips on how to fix and avoid a frozen air compressor.

Air Compressor Troubleshooting Guide

How to Unfreeze Your Compressed Air System

First of all, thoroughly check your frozen air compressor in order to diagnose the problem; remember to check your air tools and hoses too

As a general rule, if parts of the mechanism or the internal piping system has frozen, you can gently raise the temperature surrounding these areas to unfreeze them. However, if you identify any permanent damage, you may have to think about replacing parts.

How to Keep Air Compressor from Freezing

Oil and Lubricants

Just like your regular maintenance checks, make sure that your oil and lubricants are topped up during this cold season. Efficient lubrication will avoid increased power consumption and choosing the right kind of oil for winter conditions will ensure it won’t thicken.

Dryers and Filters

Dryers and filters are also vital parts of your air compressor that need looking after in this cold weather. This is because they remove water from the compressed air which consequently prevents it from freezing in sub-zero temperatures. So, it is a good idea to regularly clean or replace your filters to provide optimum efficiency and to keep an eye on your dryer.

Ambient Temperature

The ambient temperature of your air compressor is the most important factor to stop it from freezing. The ambient temperature differs from the outside temperature, but it will still be cold if measures aren’t taken to properly heat, but also ventilate, the compressor room.

By using a small heater to keep the ambient temperature above 5°C, this will make sure that your air compressor will not freeze and still operate efficiently. Also, by insulating the pipes and air hoses, you can further prevent freezing and resulting issues.

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Guide to Fixing a Frozen Air Compressor