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Not all air compressors use oil, you can get oil-free air compressors on the market, but if you have some questions about oil consumption in air compressors, look no further.

Here, we are going to address and explain some common queries people have about oil-lubricated air compressors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oil Consumption in Air Compressors

What is the Role of an Oil Lubricant in an Air Compressor?

So, you probably know that oil is mainly used as a lubricant in an air compressor. The role of the lubricant is quite essential to the running of the compressed air system and is more important than you think.

Due to the number of mechanisms that are working inside an air compressor, a fluid is required that can not only lubricate the moving parts, but keeps everything cool including the air. Keeping your air compressor sufficiently lubricated will reduce friction and consequently reduce energy consumption.

How Often Should You Change the Air Compressor Oil?

Just like a vehicle, oil needs changing on a regular basis in air compressors to ensure viscosity and to make sure it doesn’t degrade. However, how often you do this will depend on the type of air compressor you run and how frequently you use it.

As a guideline, oil should be changed a minimum of once per year because if it is left any longer, the breakdown of oil may cause damage to your system. Each air compressor will have specific instructions regarding oil changes, and you will also need to check the oil filters when you change your oil too.

What Kind of Oil Should You Use in an Air Compressor?

This answer also depends on the type of air compressor you run. Lubricating oil comes in two different kinds: synthetic-based and mineral oil-based. Most standard compressor lubricants are made from an oil-based formulation, but both can be used in most air compressors.

Synthetic-based lubricants are a more refined oil that has gone through a specific process and engineering. They are usually purposely recommended for some compressors, but it is best to check within your compressor manual to find out which type of oil works best.

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