Just like we prepare our air compressor for winter and the colder temperatures, we should practice the same ideology in the summer months too.

Higher temperatures can also have an impact on air compressor performance, so here are some procedures you can follow to help prepare your facility for this hot season.

Increase Your Air Compressor Efficiency This Summer

Check and Monitor Ventilation Access

The ventilation system you have in place for the room you keep your compressor stored in, as well as the ventilation installed within the air compressor, should be checked regularly. You need to make sure that there is nothing that is blocking the air flow and there is no dust congesting the ambient air. Even if you have air conditioning put in place, this should be checked too, and all vents need to be cleared and checked for defects on a routine basis.

Check and Unblock the Drains

As the temperatures rise this summer, the humidity increases which consequently has an effect on the level of water in the air. This means that you need to check that your drains are working properly and that the extra water flow is not building up. If the water can’t pass through as easily, it can impact the performance of the air compressor and its additional tools.

Unblock and Clean the Coolers

Air compressors are kept cool by utilising coolers and with rising temperatures that can overheat your air compressor, these need to be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent this from happening. By unclogging the dust and residue that may have built up, you can ensure that they will maintain the ability to keep the operating temperature of your air compressor steady. This will keep your system and all pneumatic tools running smoothly and efficiently.

Adjust the Water Cooling Systems

If you use water in order to keep your air compressor cool, you need to make sure that you alter the water temperature, so it is cool enough for the summer warmth. If the water in the water cooling system heats up, this can affect the quality of compressed air. Make sure you use even cooler water this summer to balance the warm ambient air.

Air Compressor Maintenance from Air Power East

Contact us today if you require any servicing work on your air compressor this season.

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