Choosing the right piping system for your air compressor is vital in maintaining its life span.

The number of different options makes it difficult to know where to start, so we thought we would lay out some useful information to help you.

Different Materials for Piping


Iron has been traditionally used for many years due to its easy accessibility and installation, but there can be some issues. Iron piping cannot be easily adapted if any alterations need to be made, and there is a risk of corrosion which leads to further problems. No matter what precautions you have in place, water will still be able to get inside your air compressor piping, causing rust. However, corrosion resistant coating is available which could be a viable solution.


Unlike iron, copper has little risk of corrosion and will therefore guarantee clean air delivery. Not only does it work efficiently, it is also aesthetically pleasing, but this comes at a price. The initial cost is quite pricey, and the installation and soldering require expert labour on top of a large amount of time.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel also does not carry the risk of corrosion and is commonly used for air compressor piping due to its durability and strength. On the other hand, disassembly and general maintenance can be problematic with stainless steel and be quite time-consuming because it is prone to freezing up.


A new addition to the range of materials to choose from, aluminium has proven to be one of the best choices for piping. Durable yet lightweight, aluminium is long-lasting with both corrosion and leak resistance. Other flexible options are available where aluminium is used for the core of the piping in addition to other materials for the outer layers.

Air Compressor Advice from Air Power East

As you can see, all materials have their pros and cons, but it is obvious that recently aluminium has become a frontrunner. It’s important to note that you should always take time to consider all of your options and not just choose the cheapest piping. If you would like further advice or guidance on which piping is right for your air compressor, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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