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Air compressor tank leaks are commonly caused by loose or incorrectly installed fittings and, although they are only minor problems, they can lead to bigger financial losses.

As soon as you recognise that you have a leak, be sure to fix it straight away to avoid further issues.

A few ways to fix air compressor tank leaks:

Lower the Demand of Air Pressure

A simple way to reduce compressed air leakage is to lower the demand of air pressure in the system. Essentially, if there is less pressure there will be a lower rate of air flow, which consequently decreases the amount of compressed air wasted.

Tighten Joints or Replace Faulty Equipment

Sometimes, just by tightening the joints of your compressed air system you can stop air compressor leaks. Also, investing in higher-quality fittings if you need to replace faulty equipment is worth it in the long run as it will reduce the risk of leakage.

Use Correct Thread Sealant

If your leaks are due to bad thread sealant, select better quality fittings and install them while correctly applying the appropriate thread sealant.

Replace Pneumatic Tools

Compressed air leaks can also be caused by poorly maintained pneumatic tools and equipment, especially if you’ve had them a long time too. By replacing them with new ones, not only will you gain higher uptime, but you will also reduce the risk of leaks.

Monitoring & Prevention

Routine maintenance and monitoring will help you identify leaks and keep on top of them, making sure you are always aware when you need to take action. A leak prevention program will also maintain stability by covering identification, tracking, repair, verification and employee involvement.

By fixing leaks as soon as you can and staying on top of them through regular maintenance, you can save yourself time and money in the long run. Do you need professional help when it comes to repairing your air compressor tank leak? Contact us today.

How to Fix Air Compressor Tank Leaks