It’s finally Spring time so that only means one thing: Spring cleaning!

Even though it sounds like a chore, you shouldn’t forget to include your air compressor during this time of year to ensure that everything is operating efficiently.

Essential Air Compressor Spring Maintenance

Here are a few essential maintenance methods to Spring clean your compressed air system:

Monitor Compressor Temperatures 

Temperatures tend to fluctuate during Spring time; some days are full of sunshine and warm weather which can then suddenly switch to cooler temperatures and rainy days. Generally, air compressors generate a large amount of heat which can ultimately be increased with a higher ambient temperature, so it is important to stay on track by monitoring and logging their temperature. Also, remember to check that the cooler is functioning correctly, is free of dust, and that your air compressor is efficiently ventilated.

Be Aware of Humidity

Following on from the impact of higher Spring temperatures on your air compressor, remember that warmer, humid air will hold more water vapour. This means that there is a higher risk of water entering your compressed air system which can negatively impact the performance. You can avoid this by regularly servicing your drain valves; you do this by opening the drain valve all the way and emptying the tank of the water, amongst other substances. Leave the valve open for a little bit to dry it out and close it again tightly.

Check Your Filters

Although a normal maintenance procedure, it is even more important during Spring time. There are a number of additional elements in the ambient air at this time of year, including pollen and other allergens, so your filters need to be checked on a regular basis. Clogged filters can lead to reduced efficiency and higher energy costs, so make sure you check your air filters consistently throughout this season.

A Good, Thorough Cleaning

A good, thorough cleaning and dusting of your air compressor will ensure that it will carry on running smoothly. Parts like the coolers and heat exchangers are especially in need of being dust, oil and dirt-free, so make sure that they are always clean and give them a good scrub when necessary. Also, remove any debris around your compressed air system so there is no risk of danger to your employees or damage to your air compressor.

Air Compressor Maintenance from Air Power East

Make sure your air compressor is ready for Spring by performing these maintenance checks as regularly as possible – they should not be overlooked!

If you need help servicing your air compressor, look no further than Air Power East; our experts can help perform these essential checks for you this season. Contact us today for more information.

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