Compressed air has a number of uses, more than you would imagine!

Here are some of the most common air compressor uses:

Compressed Air Uses

One of the main reasons air compressors are chosen instead of electrical equipment is because when equipment runs the risk over being overloaded, electricity poses a strong safety hazard, whereas air compressors are a lot more secure. So let’s have a look at some of the things they are used for in our daily lives:

Business Compressed Air Uses

Many businesses, from small to large, use compressed air as an energy source instead of electricity. They may use it for a range of things like powering equipment and tools to running a manufacturing operation. Some examples include:

• Sanding in a carpentry workshop or auto body repairs unit
• Powering many tools within the dental and medical services such as suction utensils
• Pneumatic drills, hammers, nail guns etc. for construction work

Industrial Compressed Air Uses

In an industrial workplace, compressed air is often seen as the fourth utility alongside electric, water and gas. It is widely used in the agricultural farming industry, as well as large manufacturing productions; some examples include:


• Spraying crops
• Running dairy machines
• Conveyor belts to transport feed and grain


• Operating automated machinery
• Packaging products with pneumatic devices
• Blowing moulded products, such as plastic bottles

Air Compressors from Air Power East

As you can see, there are many uses across many businesses and industries. Its flexibility and versatility makes it a popular choice throughout work practices; if you require more information about our air compressors, please contact us today.

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