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The quality of your air can be seriously compromised when unwanted substances make their way into your compressed air system.

Water, oil and dust will contaminate your air, as well as increase production costs and impact performance. Fortunately, there are a few ways to remove these unwanted substances from your system, and keep it clean for the future.

Remove Water with an After-Cooler 

After compression, the air reaches a very high temperature, consequently increasing the water content that can be found in the compressed air system. An after-cooler, which is usually included as standard equipment, lowers the temperature of the compressed air which, in turn, reduces the water content. The remaining water will be directed away from the system as quickly as possible by the automatic drainage feature.

Remove Water with a Dryer

A refrigerated dryer cools the air to a temperature near freezing so the water content is reduced, therefore condensation will not occur. A desiccant dryer absorbs the water by passing the air through a pressure vessel that is filled with desiccant material. If investing in this method, make sure you choose the right level of drying for you so you don’t lose any money through wasted energy.

Remove Oil with an Oil/Water Separator

Oil droplets can find their way into the condensation that is produced and flow through the compressed air system. By installing an oil/water separator, the diaphragm filter separates the oil from the water and drains it off into a special receiver. This produces clean drainage water and stores it safely by following the strict environmental laws.

Remove Dust with a Filter

By installing an air filter on the suction side of your compressor, you are able to stop contamination at the source. This will stop dust from entering and save it from wearing down vital mechanisms within your compressed air system. Regularly keeping up with necessary maintenance of these filters will ensure that your air will always be clean.

If you are unsure about whether your compressed air system is producing quality air, get in contact with us today, and one of our experts can assess and evaluate your equipment.

Remove Unwanted Substances from Your Compressed Air System