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Do you think that your air compressor is using too much energy compared to your other appliances?

Just by making some minor tweaks, you will be able to significantly reduce its consumption and ensure that it is working in the most efficient way.

Air Compressor Energy Saving Tips

Turn It Off

It seems obvious, but when it is not being used, turn your air compressor off. By switching it off over the weekend and overnight, you could save a considerable amount of energy.

Regular Maintenance

Don’t forget about regular maintenance practices as these can cut energy costs, as well as sustain efficiency. By replacing filters and oil, keeping the coils clean and cool, in addition to other maintenance, you will save more energy in the long run.

Fix and Prevent Leaks

Leaks lead to your air compressor working harder, therefore consuming and wasting more energy. Make sure you listen out for leaks or hire an expert to detect them, and be proactive by looking inside your pipes to check for signs that could lead to corrosion and leaks. By keeping your pipes clean and dry, you will reduce dust and sludge which normally leads to more leaks.

Lower the Pressure

By evaluating your systems requirements and reducing the pressure wherever you can, you can relieve the stress on the internal equipment, therefore reducing energy consumption. Always check that the operations are not affected when adjusting the pressure!

Eliminate Inappropriate Use

If you are using your compressed air system for something that can be done more efficiently by another method, you should always choose that more resourceful process, as this will use less energy. Some actions that use compressed air when they shouldn’t include: drying, ventilating and blow-off.

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5 Energy Saving Tips for Air Compressors