Is your compressed air equipment not performing as well as you had expected? Have you considered the placement of your machine?

This is a commonly overlooked aspect when it comes to considering the efficiency of air compressors, but it can have more of an impact than you think.

Does the Placement of Compressed Air Equipment Impact Performance?


Air compressors require a constant supply of cool air to function well and, because the process of compressing air generates a lot of heat, ventilation is key. If the placement allows better ventilation, the heat that is generated by this equipment can be diverted and recovered; this can consequently reduce room temperature, as well as save a lot of money and prevent major damage to the machinery.

Compressed Air Equipment Clearance

The minimum clearance required for the compressed air equipment will be stated in the service manuals because it is very important to leave plenty of room around it. It should be kept a good distance away from any walls, doors, and any other piece of equipment in order for service technicians to be able to carry out servicing and for there to be sufficient ventilation (see why, above).

Air Compressor Location

The location of air compressors plays a huge part in their efficiency as the air quality that surrounds them needs to be considered. If it is placed around machinery that produces fumes or other contaminants, this will pollute the air that is produced by compressed air equipment. Also, it is best to locate the compressor room away from the boiler room because this can increase its operating temperature even more.

Never disregard or neglect the location of compressed air equipment; by considering all of these elements, the systems will run reliably for the years to come.

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