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Everyone is always looking at ways to save money, so why not start by looking at your compressed air solution? It’s invisibility means that it is extremely common to look past or completely miss a costly compressed air leakage; over time, it will cause additional maintenance requirements. Not only does it waste money, but also energy, and a high percentage of it meaning your efficiency levels will be significantly decreased over time. Here are some things you can do about it:


For compressors that use stop/start controls, start the compressor and make sure there are no demands; the compressed air leakage will cause the compressor to cycle on and off while the pressure is dropping. The percentage of the compressors capacity lost will indicate how much your compressor is leaking.


Sometimes you can hear the hiss from the air escaping, so walk around to try and spot these. If you don’t hear anything, but you are sure you have a leak, use ultrasonic flow detection equipment; once you find the leaks, remember to put a reminder of where they are and record them somewhere safe like a log book.


By lowering the demand of air pressure in the system, the lower the rate of flow will be which will result in reduced compressed air leakage. If your leaks occur at the joints of your compressed air system, you can tighten them to stop it or replace the equipment if it is faulty. If your leaks are due to bad thread sealant, select better quality fittings and install them while correctly applying the appropriate thread sealant.


Constantly monitoring leakage levels can help prevent waste and identify when you need to take action; flow meters can help you oversee your leakage flow and routine maintenance practices should always cover leak detection and repair.


By keeping the pipe dry and clean by filtering the air that passes through, it will prevent pressure drops and corrosion, which eventually lead to leaks. You can also implement a leak prevention program which will maintain stability by covering identification, tracking, repair, verification and employee involvement.

Compressed Air Leak Detection Suffolk

This is the perfect process to keep on top of compressed air leakage which can save you money and resources in the long run. If you would prefer a professional air system specialist to take care of your leakage, contact us today.

Have You Got a Compressed Air Leakage?