Successful Air Compressor Installation

Air Power East has completed another successful installation which involved relocated the existing compressors to a new location. This allowed the customer in Cambridgeshire to install a new compressor to keep up with their demands. The Atlas Copco GA55+ and GA55VSD were repositioned to a new purpose built compressor room within the factory. The compressors were installed using 63mm Atlas Copco aluminium pipe and connected to the existing ring main.

This allowed the customer to once again show their trust by installing a new energy efficient Atlas Copco compressor to boost the current air demand. Atlas Copco compressors are now installed at all the sites across East Anglia. Customer added that they required to ‘add a third machine as the demand had increased to a point where the GA55+ Compressor was having to run to top up the VSD but there was no room in the plant room for the space saving new GA55VSD+ which has become the main and secondly was to free up space for the workshop to be expanded’.

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