Looking for an ABAC Air Compressor at a discounted rate?

Air Power East is based in Suffolk, but operates nationwide. We occasionally offer special offers on Air Compressors and, although this particular offer has ended, we are always happy to discuss your air compressor needs at any stage. Maybe you’re looking for the ABAC B5900/200? Maybe we can offer you some better alternatives?

Our end of year, special net price on the Abac B5900B-200 Air Compressor ran until June 2017. However, the features of this model, including the 5.5Hp (4kW) 415v 50hz belt driven on a 200 litre receiver, remain an excellent choice. This unit is rated at 11 bar max pressure and will offer 17.9cfm free air delivered and ideally suited for a small workshop.

End of Year June Special Offer on a Abac B5900/200 5.5Hp Air Compressor

The usual Retail List Price for the ABAC 5900/200 is £1337.00 + vat, however our price in June 2017 was £665.00 + vat. This is an excellent example of the type of discount that we offer at Air Power East.

Not only do we offer discounted Air Compressors of all kinds, we also offer installation, servicing and more air compressor services. Need a professional? Call Air Power East.

If you have any questions in relating to your air compressor requirements then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01359 251180 or contact us at sales@airpowereast.co.uk

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